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Hawaii Coffee

Hawaii Kona Coffee

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100% Arabica

Hawaii Kona Coffee has always been considered one of the finest and most refined coffees in the world, a jewel for the most demanding coffee lovers.


Hawaiian coffee is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. It is grown on the slopes of the dormant volcano Hualālai and active volcano Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona districts of the Big Island of Hawaii.

This unique location presents ideal conditions for coffee cultivation of perfect altitude, soil rich and volcanic and constant Hawaiian sunshine. The environment also provides constant but gentle rainfall and natural protection for the coffee plants from the surrounding volcanoes.

They grow their own coffee on 250 acres in the middle of the Kona District, where they also operate their own coffee plants. maceration, drying and grinding to ensure the highest possible quality control standards along the entire coffee processing line.

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HAWAII MAUI confezioni
specialty coffee

100% Arabica

One of our special HAWAII MAUI EXTRA FANCY Arabica coffee beans. Like the excellent winemakers who are always looking for the perfect match between grapes and ideal conditions for plant growth, to transform an ordinary wine into one of the best vintages, the Ka’anapali estate is also always dedicated to production of unique coffees, which are distinguished and of high quality. Breathtaking Ka’anapali Estate is positioned in the West Maui Mountains. The entire plantation is drip-irrigated by fresh West Maui mountain streams once used to irrigate sugar plantations. Pu’u Kukui, the second wettest place in the world and also the highest peak in West Maui, watches over the gentle slopes of the estate. The cherry harvest takes place once a year in September. In the MauiGrown Coffee processing plant, the cherries are carefully selected, separating the ripe ones from the unripe ones, and subsequently peeled, washed and selected according to size using a dry mill. What comes out of the mill is the result of 12 months of growth and maturation of the cherry after flowering. Very fragrant coffee with floral and exotic scents, medium acidity, good body and surprising aftertaste, medium/light roast.

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