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Roasted coffee beans

Net weight: 500 g

SPECIES: Arabica

PROCESSING: Dry Process Specialty Coffee Natural Drying


PRODUCTION AREA: Saada, Khulan Amer District Yemen

VARIETY: Audaini, Dawaery, Tuffahy

ALTITUDE: 1800-2500m asl

Shipping by courier throughout Europe: €12

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Extraordinary quality coffee, ideal for the most demanding coffee lovers.

Khulani coffee is one of the most famous species, and is produced by the Khulan Bani Amer nurseries in Saada, followed by Al-Udaini for the height of its trees (4 meters), as well as Dawaeri, which is one of the better species, because its fruits are larger and its types are many, and they are: Tuffahi, Matary, al-Hammadi, Al-Himi, Al-Burai and Al-Harazi. Khulani type coffee growers when harvested at the same time ensure better quality and flavor of the fruits and isolate the fallen ones so that they do not affect the quality because they are usually saturated with moisture, emphasizing the need to dry the crop properly after removing the crusts. Al-Khulani coffee is grown in 6 districts of Sa’ada governorate which concentrate in western mountainous section of the governorate (Saqin, Haidan, Joma’ah Razih, Munabbeh, Ghamer) of high quality varieties with wonderful distinct taste and grown in the valleys and mountain terraces of the western foothills of the governorate.

Medium Roast–. Zar Cafè professional roasting. After various tastings with different roasting profiles, we chose the medium roast – able to bring out all the aromas.


Balanced and complex coffee. Floral scents, notes of candied fruit, strawberries, raspberries, caramel, light spicy veins. Persistent aftertaste.