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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


Roasted coffee beans

Net weight: 400 g

Country: Jamaica

Species: Arabica

Variety: Typica

Points: 87

PRODUCTION AREA: Jamaica Blue Mountain

Shipping by courier throughout Europe: €12

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

From Jamaica, where one of the finest quality Arabica beans in the world is grown.

Considered the champagne of coffees.

It is grown in the Blue Mountains and protected in wooden barrels.

Precious coffee with an enveloping taste with unique fragrances typical of coffee from the Blue Mountain, a region of Jamaica where the finest quality Arabica in the world is grown at an altitude of over 1500 meters.

Here the coffee plants thrive in the fertile volcanic soil rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a harmonious coffee with an aftertaste of tropical aromas from vanilla to almond, from cocoa to a pleasant tobacco scent.

To underline its exclusivity, this coffee is packaged and transported inside special white oak barrels, just like the precious Caribbean rums, to keep all the characteristics intact.

Medium Roast. Zar Cafè professional roasting. In our Jamaica Blue Mountain, after having tested different roasting profiles with various tastings, we have chosen the medium degree of roasting capable of best expressing and releasing all the aromas of this extraordinary coffee.